Freak of Nature

there’s a chigger living in my belly button. 
i slept for 17 hours yesterday in my jeans. 
i don’t know what day it is. 
my glands are swollen. 
i went to a party on an abandoned farm 
a few nights ago. 
i was already so drunk when i got there  
that i drank 3 cups of baby pool hooch 
without puking. 
i kissed my best friend passionately  
in front of an audience of men. 
i feel like i’m drawn to 
the basic elements of things in this season, 
like fire: i can’t resist dancing around it, 
water: i touch it-always. 
bruises line my feet and legs  
from all the times I’ve been running 
in fields barefoot. 
swimming seems to be the best cure 
for my hangovers. only if it’s before noon though. 
afternoons in the summer seem to play with my mind. 
they make me flash back to the days 
i tripped acid in Tennessee 
afternoons in the summer make me 
witchy, almost crazy. 
sick, but in a healthy way. 
like the heat is drawing me back to 
one of my more primal states. 
like the heat is breaking me down.