Karl Rove will be your graduation speaker


Entombment was at the home of the heart.
Die on a farm,
married to our Savior:
meatloaf and corn noodle casserole,
a Square Dancing sister-in-law,
her spanned being on the hood,
over the Chrysler, floating,
the vertical section,
years preceding death.
Heart to be served by two Catholic sisters.

She was born natural, was raised
and joined the outbreak.
She was called Islands.
In 1946, she spent
her first married life. Therapy
was active in the odd music
she delighted in.
Others married senior citizens.
She died center-held.
[ ] held her hand and walked in
the light. Last year just passed away.
Brothers survived with grand-
golden requests for committal flowers
made of one’s choosing.
Cremation has taken place.

There will never be enough words
to describe this. She was rugged.
The juniper occupations
took may turns.
She was born rural.
The first one-room country. Home
Economics during the war,
the sorority, they were enjoyed
for years. Her community affairs:
star worthy. Her survivors:
all of Nevada.

Cancer was born
and attended bible study
until her illness forced her to leave.
Pallbearers were all employees
of love. Smoke was to officiate.
Dry arrangements are born
children in lieu of flowers.

Robin Bush, 1949-1953

Reba Rove, 19??-1981

Had there been one
it would have been a difficult funeral.

Do not bury your dead at the dinner table
over corn noodle casserole.

By 1969, there were 935 kinds of starches
being mixed in Utah alone.

His stepfather’s gay life was explored.

I was reading something about a heat death,
but with love.

This is why jail exists.

The Grape Ape (the operative)
will be your commencement speaker.

When you think Dr. Phil is about to say something sacred,
hit record.

You don’t have to wait until June
to figure out his message about the world.

The Hot Dog Fact Sheet
lists a warm Hot Dog flavored martini.

markin dream of a bi-curious wife.

          Close to his son
          throughout his life.