The Day Paul Bunyan Cried

My life is full of false magicians. My head cups 40-foot hands. I walked down to the train tracks to flatten pennies and nickels. We heard the trains rumble. Jefferson’s nose smashes in a coin-side. I wrestle with my thumbs in the grass. My stomach growls. I hold on to the sheep’s sound. It rains all night, and I woke up to a thousand cricket-chirps from the basement, a phone wire raps against loose siding.

Adagia, 1-50

1. All friends become your enemies.
2. All friends will hate you equally. This will never change.
3. Not important now? Not important to your parents.
4. All whores think they are good-looking.
5. Fight what’s fixed, but accurately.
6. Nod; resolve.
7. As the dodo hums, asswipe.
8. Prayer and puppies.
9. Fromunda.
10. Horrible cheese. Or so it seems.
11. All at once; synched.
12. Sail and fail, both in circles.
13. Double up, anchor down, share faults.
14. This sin on your fabulous head.
15. Sacred inside. Included with this offer.
16. The horrible inside. Also included with this offer.
17. Copied understandings, never meet on top.
18. Begin on top.
19. Then rest on the bottom.
20. New? The world in a coat.
21. Maximum call allowed.
22. Avoid Egytian clams.
23. Kings and tiaras don’t mix.
24. Solve your sacred self. For cryin’ out loud.
25. Move your feet off the sacred lines.
26. Live nude, but only inside your house.
27. Because were make laws, not because we don’t listen
28. See—say, puny. Freeze.
29. Piss off caterers at your own risk.
30. I know I’m bored with my job.
31. Accept the bad, save your stomach.
32. A naughty drink is the only proper medicine.
33. I am a man, you are a man. Frick it.
34. Let’s thank each other at the same time.
35. And so it’s your turn to be the refereee.
36. Eat girls’ periods out.
37. Crass Minerva. Minerva the iguana. Crass music.
38. All poets have big heads.
39. A message to you, Rudy.
40. Your own wisdom.
41. And with your own wisdom, suspicion.
42. Invite your own wisdom.
43. A bull and a girl in the field.
44. Each year you get older by a year.
45. And in life.
46. Important navigation.
47. One’s last boss always leaves strongest the strongest impression.
48. The total way is wrong.
49. All the heaven’s mistakes.
50. All your worst friends know each other.